You may be familiar with the word converter, a device of altering the nature of an electric current or signal, especially from alternating current to direct current or vice versa, or from analogue signal to digital signal or vice versa. However, the word below, which is very similar to converter, you might not have the wrong idea what it defines. Inverter is used to describe a device converting DC to AC only!   

In a solar system, the inverter is just as necessary as the solar controller. You may have a clue when you think about the appliances in your house. Their working voltage are all AC instead of DC, consequently, they need the magic of the inverter.   When it comes to inverter, there are about two categories: square wave and sine wave. Generally speaking,  the sine wave technology is better than the square wave because it can produce more stable and high quality output. And Pure sine wave is superior to the modified sine wave because it has more than three steps in the wave output. Nevertheless,all the consumer-grade inverters you can find in the market, which are labeled “pure sine wave ”, are not at all. They are slightly better than the modified sine wave. That’s it.

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