Hybrid Inverter with Controller

Inverter can be categorized into: on-grid or grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid. In case that you don’t know the word hybrid, I am more than delighted to shed light upon it. Hybrid can be used to describe anything is composed of  two elements . So if you are the child of a werewolf and a vampire, you are a hybrid. A hybrid inverter is one can function both in a on-grid system and a off-grid system. You can imagine there is a switch inside the inverter. When you decide to use the city power, the round circuit of the on-grid system is connected and the off-grid system is disconnected and vice versa. And they will be both connected if you want to use them at the same time. Some may complain that only one controller already gives them an headache, and the inverter? Well, the manufacturers has solved the problem by embedding the solar charge controller inside the hybrid inverter. In a word, more convenient.

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