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HK technology college nansha campus33.6kW


33.6kW car parking roof on grid solar project in HK technology college Nansha Campus. 

This is a 33.6kW on grid system which build in HK technology Nansha campus. That were very nice and beautiful in the Campus.

There are 120 PCS 280W solar panel to build up a solar array for these power plant . 

Complete and pass the verify the project from Nansha power supply Bureau . 

The project done in 20 days, very short , and nice, and on grid test very well . 

More than 5 years solar project project experienced and good quality of our solar module product is the insurance of successfully solar construction for our client . 

Build up your solar dream , choose Huami solar we would offer you a EPC service , make your solar dream come true easily.

Following is some landscape photos for your reference .

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