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60W solar flood light

60W solar flood light

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60W Solar Flood Light

Product Feature

  1.Energy Saving 

No electricity cost, Recharged by solar panel under sunlight. 

2.Easy to install 

You only need to connect the cable, adjust the angle you like ,place solar panel under sunlight. Wide application. 

3.Smart and sensitive detector 
Auto-induction. This light will automatically turn on in darkness at night and turn off in bright area at day time. 
The lamp can continuously be lit up to 8-10H (fully charged) 

4.Long working time 
After fully being charged, the lights will be lit up 50 times a night , and can sustainability work for ten days. 

The solar lights should be fully charged by direct sunlight for 6-8 hours before initial use. 

Lighting provides safe, the best LED lighting experience to create the most comfortable lighting environment for the life

Specification of Solar flood light

Solar panel6V 35W Polycrystalline6V 20W Polycrystalline6V 16W Polycrystalline6V 12W Polycrystalline
Storage Battery3.2V 30000MAH 32650 LiFeP04 batteries3.2V 18000MAH 32650 LiFeP04 batteries3.2V 12000MAH 32650 LiFeP04 batteries3.2V 6000MAH 32650 LiFeP04 batteries
Charging time6-8h
Working time10-15h
Color Temperature(WW)-(3000-3500K) (CW)-(6000-6500K)
Working modeLight induction & intelligent remote control

Lamp Installation and Operating Instructions:
1. Fixing on the wall use screw in package, then adjust lamp cap for illumination angle and direction.
2. Solar panel installed direct face sun, so it can get power from solar.
3. Connected the lamp holder and the cable of solar panel, then open the lamp holder switch, finally the process is completed, the lamp into the auto function state said light-controlled, the lamp charged solar power, the day auto off, the night turns on.


Factory direct-sale rechargeable Solar LED Flood Lights - adopts high quality aluminum alloy material, excellent heat dissipation, and new design with exquisite craft, compact structure, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidati
on, sealing well, IP65 waterproof smooth weather resistant, suitable for outdoor activities lighting;
1. Indoor Usage: Interior emergency lighting, Home security lighting;
2. Outdoor Usage: Courtyard lighting, Landscape lighting, Corridor lighting, Gate lighting, Port lighting, Container yard lighting, Stadium lighting, Garden lighting, Square lighting, Plants and beautify lighting, Fountain waterscape lighting, and other places etc;
3. Special event usage: Adventure lighting, Camping lighting, Fishing lighting, Site repair lighting, Barbecue lighting.

1. Solar panels installed away from lighting range of lamp holder, and others light source, the panel installed position base on the night auto on as a good stand
2. Keep away form the fire, otherwise the battery may explode.
3. Avoid hot, humid and corrosive environments, otherwise it will reduce the lifespan of the product.
4. Once the prod
ucts is not use more than 3 months must be charged one time at least.
5. Full power must direct face to sunlight conditions than can get highest power, besides different regions, different season and different intensity will affect the lamp work time.

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