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250W or 300W On Grid 5kw Solar System
250W or 300W On Grid 5kw Solar System
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What is Grid Solar System ?

Being grid connected means that a solar photovoltaic system is linked directly to the available electrical grid or utility lines. A connected system comprises a photovoltaic panel or set of panels that directly convert sunlight into electricity. The size of the system dictates how independent from the grid it's possible to be. Grid connected systems need inverter to convert direct current into alternating current usable electricity. The inverter connects to the main electrical supply with a meter showing the number of generated kilowatt hours. Excess electricity can be sold back to the grid .

What is Grid Solar System ?


Advantage :

  • 01
    1.Get power from solar for your home and save money in electricity bill ;
  • 02
    2.Get  financial subsidies from government ;
  • 03
    3.Get money from government,after you used, if you still have rest power from solar system ;
  • 04
    4.Safely equipment ,without noise and pollution ;
  • 05
    5.Reduce carbon emissions for factory and company ;
  • 06
    6.Relieve the electricity pressure and restriction of factory .


How much you pay for electricity ?

20$ per month or 120$ per month ?

What grid solar system including ?


Poly / Mono Solar panel
Rated Power :250W
Max power voltage:30V
Max power current:8.35A
MPPT grid inverter 
Rated Power :5000W
Max Input Power:6050W
PV holder
Quantity:a set for 5KW system 
Material:Steel or aluminium alloy
Install way : on ground or on roof
DC & AC cables
Quantity : for whole system
Material : DC cables  and AC cables

A whole set of off-grid solar power system include solar panel , solar grid inverter,DC cable and rail .

/   product  Parameters

Model Type

On grid 5kw solar system

solar panels

Poly/Mono solar panel 
Rated power: 250W /300W (according to customer requirement )
Voc:36.6V Visc:9.45A
A grade solar cell
Module efficiency: 17%

grid tied solar inverter

220V/380V output (according to customer requirement )
rated output power : 5KW
rated grid voltage: 220V(180V~280V);380V(312V~485V)
rated grid frequency: 45-55HZ
MPPT  efficiency:>99.5%

Mounting bracket

hot dip galvanized, install for 5KW solar panel, on ground or on roof

Solar system is the solution to solve customer's power problem by using sun power. 
According to different installed information and different power using, every system is different after design.

Note : Each system need to be designed, this system is only for reference

Solar system diagram :


Our Quality:

With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, SolarHM has won numerous customers' trust and support.

What kind of service offered by huami solar offer for solar system ?

Huami Solar is a high-technical photovoltaic enterprise.

We offer a whole set service of solar system (gird and off grid solar system) , including solar modules of whole system , solar system design service ,system installation , after sell service and system maintain service .

What is the warranty of solar system ?

5 years warranty of solar panel .
And we guarantee that Solar panel with 25 years power Output Voltage .  
warranty:5 years 90% power Output Voltage of panel, 20 years 80% power Output Voltage of panel.
3 years warranty for solar inverter
1 year for battery and solar controller

How many power of system we can offer ?

Guangzhou Huami Solar Power  Co.,Ltd are profressionally offer Grid and Off Grid solar system design and install service .The range of grid solar system from 1KW to 1000MW .

There are our cases for reference as below:

/  application




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